RF Engineering

Turnkey Engineering and Consulting Services:

  • Radio Frequency Prediction and Interference Analysis
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Candidate Evaluations (SAMS)
  • Capacity & Traffic Modeling
  • Macro Data Collection
  • Transmitter Test (CW)
  • ODAS and IDAS Prediction Analysis

DAS Installation

Turnkey DAS Installation Services:

  • iBwave Indoor Coverage Prediction Analysis
  • Optical Link Budget Assessment
  • Indoor Bench-Marking (multi-car)
  • DAS Coverage Validation
  • Indoor Data Collection
  • Fiber & Coaxial Installations
  • Small Cell
  • Design Feasibility Studies (NEO-ICCS)
  • Lease Exhibits

RF Compliance Testing

Calculation and Field Measurements:

  • Site Evaluation (towers, rooftops, in-building & COWs)
  • Predictive Modeling (Occupational & General)
  • Field Measurements
  • P.E. Stamp of Compliance
  • Zoning Hearings
  • Public Safety Compliance Testing, Design & Installation

WiFi Design & Optimization

Are you looking to take advantage of 5G in your business? We can help!

We provide WiFi network consulting, optimization and design services to implement or expand networks of all sizes.

  • WiFi 6 Design, Integration and Optimization Support
  • WiFi Network Security Implementation and Design Services
  • Wi-Fi Cellular Calling Designs & Optimization